Praise for Susan Feniger's Street Food

Bobby Flay

I love the fact that Susan Feniger has done the legwork for us all and brought back tons of intoxicating street food recipes from all over the world. My next party is definitely including a platter of the miso-glazed chicken wings and some Thai drunken shrimp. Yum!"

Dana Delany

I would follow Susan Feniger anywhere around the world. She gently takes you out of your comfort zone into a world of delicious, exotic, yet comforting street food. No passport required!" --Dana Delany

Bob Saget

This book teaches you more about finger food than you could ever learn on the street."

Mario Batali

The most authentic and tastiest flavors of a culture are disseminated in street-side booths and carts often in dodgy and out-of-the-way alleys. In the absence of napkins and tablecloths you experience some of the greatest hospitality the world over. Susan Feniger's Street Food depicts the delicious grittiness of the streets of Hanoi and Mumbai in characteristically expert fashion. American home cooks often struggle to re-create the flavors of Asia. The recipes in Street Food artfully bring you the international kitchen through Feniger's cool California lens. They made my New York kitchen smell like Cambodia in the best and most poetic way."

Robin Leach

This is one incredible journey around the world. Globe-trotting chef Susan Feniger helps you easily re-create astonishingly tasty treats in your own home. From irresistible Indonesian noodles and Indian puffed rice to tantalizing Turkish breads, Thai spices, sensational Saigon shrimp, and Szechuan sauces, this cookbook is packed with flavorful foods and the culinary adventure of a lifetime."

Nancy Silverton

In the world of Los Angeles restaurants, Susan Feniger is a pioneer, for she indeed brings the food world right to our streets. She's like the Marco Polo of chefs, traveling the globe and bringing back recipes we might never get to sample if it weren't for Susan. She has this immense passion and talent to bring these food cultures together in a harmonious way. Dining at her brilliant restaurant STREET is like eating at the ideal fantasy restaurant in the United Nations."


"We've been fans of Susan Feniger's jubilant, worldly approach to food for ages—her enthusiasm for global cuisine is infectious, perhaps never more so than here in her latest cookbook. In Street Food, a compendium of hyper-flavorful dishes eaten on the street in countries from Malaysia to Mexico to Turkey, she distills complex dishes down to approachable (but still authentic) recipes, with vibrant, exquisitely colorful images that make the ebook as much a pleasure to browse as it is to cook from." Link